what the press say

This third hook up from diva extraordinaire Inaya and New Jersey producer DJ Dove ought to be on the top of the shopping lists of anyone who liked their last work. A favourite with Roger Sanchez already, the backing is every bit as punchy as the singing, with that classic East Coast garage sound given a real kick. The lyrics personifying music will either be the best thing you've heard for a while or a complete turn off, but the whole idea gels with the music, so should have most bellowing along with Ms Day. (3.5/5) (James Kendall / DJ Magazine)

Pure peaktime singalong action here, as the NY/NJ duo turn out a gospel-style vocal belter. Dove's beats are surprisingly driving, Day's tonsils are on fine form, the pianos tinkle away gently and the overall effect is just blissful. Straight-up vocal and dub mixes to choose from. (4/5) (Russell Deeks, I-DJ)

Pretty hefty drum programming and a driving, hypnotic loop power this scorching vocal from Inaya Day. This twelve starts of pretty minimal but as the song and indeed the groove unfold, things really don't take long to reach boiling point. Good peak-time vocal stuff to heighten pleasure in any club. (M6/M8) (Geoff Montford, M8)