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the essence files volume 1

Four years and one compilation isn’t exactly rushing things. But essence isn’t one of those labels that has a release schedule to stick to – you can’t hurry quality. The essence files volume 1 is a journey through the label’s finest moments, moments supplied by some of the finest producers, remixers and artists in house music; Full Intention theme loom large with their two vocal opuses bolstered by individual tracks by the duo’s Michael Gray (Nuzzoli) and Jon Pearn (Pearn & Campbell), and they’re joined by the likes of Inaya Day, Robert Owens, Kathy Brown, Stonebridge and DJ Dove.

‘Like the mountain of mediocre 12” releases, dance albums have become ubiquitous and devalued’ notes Phil. ‘There are great albums around, but the cookie cutter comp has become the flag by which our music is defined – the same old cynical collections of this month’s hyped up tracks shored up with a fistful of fillers. Finding quality, unhyped music can be a real struggle. Label compilations can offer a strength of vision and integrity of music that the sling-it-together method can’t match. Every track on this album comes with our belief that it’s a great track, it isn’t there because we saw it on a chart from the current flavour of the month DJ’

With anthems of the calibre of Dajae & Full Intention’s What Do You Want, Sub Rosa feat Sharlene Hector’s Some Changes, DJ Dove & Inaya Day’s He’s My Music and Una Mas feat Kathy Brown’s Something For Nothing, quality vocal house flies thick and fast. But essence isn’t all about one sound, nor just established names. Rising New York producer Alix Alvarez made his debut with essence, and the two cuts that comprised his first 12” are both represented here. Chicago’s irrepressible Harrison Crump, master of a multitude of styles, crops up with the quirky Runaway (currently a hit in South Africa) and the classic vocal with Dajae, Searchin’. Then there’s the djembe loving Swedes Orange Muse with You, New York veteran house and techno legend Peter Presta with his new release main room action What’s Your Name? and upcoming Argentinian brothers Ariel & Damian with their gypsy house groove Lamento.

Mixing Disc 1 is one of house music’s greatest legends, DJ Pierre. One of the original Chicago creators, ever since he broke on to the scene with Phuture’s Acid Trax, Pierre has consistently made great records, from Photon Inc’s Generate Power and The Don’s Horn Song to the recent Put Ya Hands Up and Nobody But You on his own imprint, DJP Records.
‘I chose Pierre for the mix because he’s part of the essence family, but also because I know that he has a unique way of playing. He’s so versatile as a DJ – he can play techno, acid, jazz funk and disco in the same set – that I knew he would come up with some unusual ideas in his mix’.

On that score there’s no disappointment. Blending the deep jazz tones of Alix Alvarez’s Still Risin’ into the staccato drums of Harrison Crump’s Runaway and switching from the tech-house bleeps of Mr G’s mix of Robert Owens’ Never Too Late into the Groove Junkies’ richly musical mix of Nuzzoli’s Para Goza, Pierre’s mix shows scant regard for musical segregation. Appearing exclusively on the mix are DJ Pierre’s own new release This Is House and a brand new unreleased Smokin’ Beats mix of Full Intention and Dajae’a What Do You Want.

Disc two, packed with original 12” mixes, acknowleges not only that house music freaks don’t always want their CDs DJ mixed, but that DJs might want to use it themselves; some of these tracks are on CD for the first time.
The essence files Volume 1 will also be available on double vinyl with two previously unreleased tracks in the shape of Pearn & Campbell’s Reach (Original Vocal dub) and the Wild Pitch mix of DJ Pierre’s This Is House.