DJ Pierre 'This Is House' (essence esr 022)
‘…this is house, the way it was, the way it is,up in the clubs…now this is house, the way we dance, the way we move, now this is house, it’s who we are, it’s what we do, remember Larry, remember Ron, the Music Box, Paradise Garage, now this is house …’
DJ Pierre is no stranger when it comes to epic tracks. This Is House is one of his most epic ever– and that’s counting Acid Trax, Generate Power and Masterblaster to name just three. A tribute to the originators of house music, This Is House returns to the spoken word format –pioneered by Pierre with Phuture’s Your Only Friend and We Are Phuture - and backs it with a truly awesome groove built on floor shaking beats, massive drops, a fistful of neo-acid effects and the best bassline of the year. There aren’t many tracks that simultaneously make the playlists of Louie Vega – the first to play the record in Miami this year – David Morales, Roger Sanchez AND Junior Vasquez, but This Is House is one of them. Just sometimes the many nations of house can agree on what makes a great record.
This Is House features on the forthcoming debut compilation CD from essence, the essence files volume 1, a double CD featuring one disc mixed by Pierre and the other filled with full length 12” mixes of our best releases. The Wild Pitch mix – not included on the 12” – features exclusively on the double vinyl LP.
Una Mas featuring Kathy Brown Something For Nothing (essence esr 018)
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After a long line of some of the best voices in dance music we've just landed a vocal by diva extraordinaire Kathy Brown.
Kathy's record of amazing vocals goes back ten years to the Praxis release 'Turn Me Out' (Cutting), which eventually became 'Turn To Sugar' when bright sparks the Sol Brothers mashed it up with Armand Van Helden's mix of CJ Bolland's 'Sugar is Sweeter'. Then she had 'Can't Play Around' (Cutting) and 'Joy' (Azuli) before recording a quartet of tasty tunes for Defected with 'Don't Give Up', 'You Give Good Love' and 'Never Again' and J Majik's 'Love Is Not A Game'.
Three of the Defected titles were originally produced and co-written by Una Mas, who of course also have a slew of pretty damn good releases in their own right with 'I Will Follow' and 'All I Need' on Union Square and the recent 'Get So High' on Ultra Vinyl. The Una Mas boys Simon Law and Lee Hamblin were also partners with Full Intention'‚s Mike Gray in our very own Sub Rosa. Two vocal mixes and a nice deep dub make up the package. Release date: 20th September 04

Sub Rosa feat Sharlene Hector 'Some Changes' Hardsoul remixes (essence esr 017)
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Recognise the voice? Pay attention next time you watch TV and the ads come on - the singer strolling down a street singing a song (Nina Simone's I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free) and handling out bottles of Coke is none other than our Sharlene, who hails from South East London. The commercial is the first ever to be produced in the UK and shown in the US.
Produced by Una Mass and Full Intention’s Mike Gray, the original mixes of Some Changes were released last Summer to great acclaim from the likes of Graeme Park, Junior Jack and Roger Sanchez, who played the tune at the Pacha Ibiza closing party, a session broadcast on his Release Yourself radio show.
Dutch production and remix team Hardsoul were also among the fans, and after their inclusion of the track on their Sound of Love & Dedication compilation, we thought they'd be ideal candidates for the remixes, especially as their production of Ron Carroll's Back Together was one of the biggest club tracks of 2003.
They haven't let us down. These mixes are simply superb and we reckon they're going to be massive: Messrs Sanchez and Park have already been back on it. Release date: June 1

Nuzzoli 'Para Goza' Groove Junkies remixes (essence esr 016)
Listen Soul Excursion Classico
We've been admiring these LA boys' productions and remixes for a while now, especially that 'Deeper' on their MoreHouse label, and their mix of Ben Watt's 'Lone Cat'.
So when we met up with them in London last year and found out they liked the original mix of 'Para Goza' so much they actually bought one in a record shop, it seemed a great idea to get them to let loose with their live soulful vibes on some new versions.
And have they delivered! Sax, live bass, guitar - these mixes slam. Full Intention's Mike Gray, the original producer, has given the new mixes his seal of approval, along with a host of leading DJs including Ben Watt and Soulfuric's Brian Tappert.
Release date: April 5
DJ Dove & Inaya Day 'He's My Music' (essence esr015)
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Inaya Day: Hard working and talented Brooklyn singer whose resume not only includes credits with the likes of Bootsy Collins, Randy Crawford and a whole host of greats, but also big choons in her own right with 'Keep Pushin' and Hold Your Head Up High' (Boris Dlugosch), 'I Just Can't Get Enough' (Harry Choo Choo Romero) and, lest we forget 'Horny' (Mousse T).
DJ Dove: The Cuban homeboy from New Jersey who's remixed Kim English and Josh Wink and has a slew of releases forthcoming on Roger Sanchez's Stealth label.
He's My Music: The pair's third joint production and, we would venture to suggest, easily their best. Day's powerful vocals are accompanied by an equally powerful production from Dove and the result is a pure peak time tune that's too boisterous to play in the warm-up session. Roger Sanchez has lent huge support on this.
Release date: March 15