G-Dubs is Washington Heights, New York producer Choco.

Closely associated with the small New York independent label Groovin’, for which he has recorded most of its ten strong catalogue, Choco’s flirtation with house music has been largely part-time; his main job is an engineer and remixer in the hip-hop world, a career that started with keyboard sessions for the likes of Kurtis Blow. These days he works with all of the Wu Tang Clan, and recent projects include Rage Against The Machine, Guru and Bobby Digital.

House has however been a close love ever since he heard Fingers Inc’s ‘Bring Down The Walls’, although he didn’t start making records until the early nineties, with two productions featuring the singer Matt Wood. Although these records, together with others such as the classic remix of ‘We Don’t Have To Be Alone’ by Cooly’s Hot Box and Michelle Weeks’ (his wife) ‘Follow Your Dreams’ have carved out his reputation as a producer of the deepest, sweetest vocals, there is another side to G-Dubs.

‘The thing is, all the labels are always saying make that deep stuff and asking for that type of record, but I like the sort of record that makes you dance and as a DJ I like to play energetic music, I want to play at peak time. My favourite record that I’ve made is ‘Brooklyn’s Theme’, that’s what I’m all about, and with that kind of track, I always think back to breakdancing, and what kind of record would make me want to breakdance!’

Selected Discography
G-Dubs feat Matt Wood No Time Groovin’
G-Dubs feat Matt Wood Do What You Want Groovin’
Michelle Weeks Follow Your Dreams Rambunctuous / Z
G Dubs & Ben Starr Once Again EP Freeze
Choco The Return Fourth Floor
Divine Soul Shake That Ass! Strictly Rhythm
Cooly’s Hot Box We Don’t Have To Be Alone Groovin’/Sole Music
Jazmina Good Time Kult
Belizbeha Hold On Suburban
Johnny Corporate Sunday Shouting Fourth Floor/Defected